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Genre: Humor Rock/Metal
City: Mumbai
Number of People Travelling: 6 People
Performance Time : 60-120 Minutes

In 2007 when Demonstealer recruited Hamza and Riju to be his back-up band for an ESP Guitar Workshop little did he know they would soon embark on a musical journey unlike any other. A whole year passed by with the trio conducting a few more workshops in local colleges and even doing an impromptu performance at K.C College in Thane after which Hamza’s constant persuasion made the trio decide to make the band official and christen it ‘Workshop’. They began their hunt to add a lead guitarist to the band and in 6months they were able to add Raj to the line-up thus completing the puzzle.

Their 1st single ‘Bunty Aur Malika Sherwath’ was released along with a video on October 16th 2008 and went straight to the No.1 slot on’s Comedy section. The band also started playing live in December 2008 and headlined many college festivals. In Feb 2009 the band also appeared on a reality show on Channel V called “Launchpad” where they ended up in the 5th slot amongst 200 odd bands that sent in entries. In May 2009 the band released their debut album ‘Khooni Murga’ along with a DVD which made it the 1st of its kind in India. The album received much praise from fans and critics alike and Workshop continued to tour the country.

In early 2010 Rajbot decided to leave the band to focus on his career. The band however continued touring with their notable appearance at The Comedy Store in Mumbai alongside comedian Vir Das. The band also started writing material for the 2nd album due for release in 2011. A new guitarist simply known as “Deveshtator” has joined the ranks.

The bands musical style is a subtle blend of rock, pop, jazz, fusion, metal and hip hop and all rolled into a humorous ball and baked at 355 degrees in a musical oven. The band is known for their energetic live performances and extremely hilarious act.

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