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Undying Inc

Genre: Technical Thrash / Progressive / Death Metal
City: New Delhi
Number of People Travelling: 6 People
Performance Time : 45-60 Minutes

Revered by fans and bands alike, it’s safe to say that there is no other band that believes in their music like Undying Inc do. Critically acclaimed and described as a heady cocktail of Thrash, Djent & Death Metal, Undying Inc are a combination of rapid fire riffs coupled with a percussive attack and a vocal assault from the deepest, darkest pits of hell. Coming in low and fast Undying Inc do what they do best, punch you in the gut and beat you senseless.

Riding a wave of success since December 2010 with the release of their second album, Aggressive World Dynasty, the band has undoubtedly surpassed the expectations set by the junta not too many years ago. Undying Inc have not only returned full throttle with this album, but have brought the fury of Hades packaged into a dozen mind altering tracks. From the opening seconds of the menacing intro ‘In Vacuo’, the pulverizing ‘Concept Error’ and ‘Aftermath’, to the technical thrash of ‘Alloy’ and the title track, the polyrhythmic wizardry of ‘Xenophobe’ and dissonant beatdowns of ‘Contagion’ packaged with heavier versions of cult favorites ‘Manimal’, ‘Evilution’, ‘Existence Failed’, ’Breeding Gods’ and the Metal Hammer – Plant Metal featured ‘Membraneous’; Aggressive World Dynasty is widely considered the best album of the year by many critics and with good reason.

Not to let only their studio prowess do the talking, the band believes in the art of live experience as well. Within a span of four years Undying Inc have had three stints at India’s premier rock festival the Great Indian Rock, opening for metal legends like Meshuggah, Enslaved and Satyricon among others; Supporting Amon Amarth &Textures at Deccan Rock Festival with the cream of Indian Metal and a slot at the prestigious NH7 Weekender festival in Pune, besides decimating numerous clubs and college fests across the country. Their stage prowess has labeled the band as incendiary live performers with no equal. Shashank Bhatnagar unleashes the beast in him as he stalks the stage with a manic fury while Biwarup and Reuben act as conduits for vehemence and Yuvraj bashes your skull in with the controlled ferocity seen in heavy machinery.

At the end of the day words can only say so much, to experience Undying Inc in its true form, simply either pick up their latest release and tear your house down, or wait for them to carpet bomb your city soon.

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