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Genre: Experimental Metal/Djent
City: Pune
Number of People Travelling: 7 People
Performance Time : 45 Minutes

Noiseware is an Experimental/Progressive Metal band from Pune, India. Formed in May 2009, the band generated major hype in the underground metal scene since its inception, and lived up to it in their first very show at The Hammer Fest II, 2009 barely a month into formation.

With a very unpredictable musical direction, Noiseware’s music has been regarded by many as beautifully melodic yet punishingly heavy at the same time. Deriving influences from a wide variety of music, each element adds to the sound that is Noiseware. The intricacy and technicality of their music, combined with their explosive stage presence, has gathered them a strong fan base and approval from critics.

Barely a show old, the band took’s international metal charts by storm, with their first ever single ‘G-String’ hitting #2 out of over 75,000 songs, sitting right under renowned artists like Periphery. Then came the bigger bang when the band sent shockwaves in the underground rock/metal community, beating some of the top rock and metal acts of the country at
Mood Indigo Livewire 2009, to open for the progressive giants Porcupine Tree.

In early 2010, the band had a change in line up and welcomed Aman Virdi of ‘Vyzasa’ fame on vocals, who gave a new dimension to the music with the inculcation of clean vocals.

In November 2010, Noiseware was featured on Rock Street Journal’s ‘Breaking Boundaries 5’ compilation album along with international names like Animals As Leaders, Cyclamen, Chimp Spanner to name a few, proving again that they are one of the most promising new acts to come out of India.

At the very end of 2010, Noiseware opened the Great Indian Rock Festival at Pune for one of the biggest metal bands in the world – Meshuggah (Sweden) along with Tesseract (UK) and Enslaved (Norway) making them the only band to open for the three international acts together at the touring festival; putting the band at the forefront of the Indian Metal scene.

The band is currently working on their debut EP, “Wake Up And Soar” with its release due in May 2011.

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