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Genre: Thrash Metal
City: Mumbai
Number of People Travelling: 6 People
Performance Time : 45-60 Minutes

In 2005 Arun Iyer (vocals/guitars) & Shubham Kumar (drums) who shared a love for thrash metal and Slayer decided to form Devoid after having played in a few local bands. They roped in childhood friend and lead guitarist Keshav Kumar and started writing songs. The band struggled for almost a year to find a bass guitarist before running into Frank Pawar, who initially wanted to audition Shubham for a band he played in but ended up auditioning for Devoid instead, and joined the band.

In 2006, Devoid debuted at Campus Rock Idols, a national level battle of the bands, and won the Mumbai regional finals. The band also released their first single called ‘Obsolete’ on a compilation called We Are The Scene: Vol.1 and followed it up in 2007 with another single called ‘Poems of Death’ on the second volume of the same compilation. However later in 2007 the band changed their style and created a newer more brutal sound and released their third single called ‘Kali’ which was released on the All Indian Metal compilation.

The band was constantly touring across the country and playing various festivals, and making an appearance at extreme metal fest Resurrection VII and VII, and also supported many bigger metal bands like IIIrd Sovereign, MyndSnare, Demonic Resurrection etc. The band received great reviews and became known for their live performances and became one of the youngest bands to receive an endorsement from ESP Guitars & Basses through Furtados Music.

August 2008 saw the release of a new single ‘Battle Cry’ which was released online as a free download. The band followed the release with their first ever headlining tour, playing across Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Following the tour the band hit the studios to record their debut album. However in 2009 after completing his parts on the recording Keshav left Devoid to pursue academics in the UK. The band started to hunt for a replacement and found Sanju Aguair in early 2010. The band released another single in May 2010 called ‘The Beer Song,’ their first with Sanju.

In June 2010 Devoid signed with Demonstealer Records to release their debut album A God’s Lie and they promise to deliver a new age of thrash to the Indian metal scene.

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