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Genre: Guitar/Drum Clinics, Product Demos and Band Building and Marketing lectures
City: Mumbai
Number of People Travelling: 1 People
Performance Time : 60-120 Minutes Minutes

Demonstealer is one of the most iconic figures in Indian Metal. It was a little over a decade ago that he started his journey with Demonic Resurrection and seeing a bleak future for metal music in India took it upon himself to take control and build something.

With Demonic Resurrection he has toured the length and breadth of the country as well as touring International metal festivals in Norway and Czech Republic. DR also won the Metal Hammer Golden God Award in June 2010 in the UK. The band also signed to major metal label Candlelight Records and merchandising giants OMERCH. He has recorded and released 3 albums worldwide and 1 EP with DR.

He also has another successful humor metal band Workshop along with having a solo project as well as playing drums and being the main composer for the death metal band Reptilian Death. Demonstealer is not just involved in playing music but also into the business side of things, he runs India’s most successful and oldest extreme metal label Demonstealer Records along with being the promoter for India’s longest running extreme metal festival “Resurrection” which has successful run for 5 years.

Demonstealer is also endorsed by ESP Guitars and Digitech Vocalist Processors and conducts clinics for the same. He also conducts workshops for band building, music business and management as well. In more recently news he has also launched a brand new online heavy metal cooking show called Headbanger’s Kitchen.

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