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Bhayanak Maut

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Genre: Deathcore/Extreme Metal
City: Mumbai
Number of People Travelling: 8 People
Performance Time : 60-90 Minutes

The average metalhead hurts himself in the pit about 5 times in a lifetime. The average Indian metal band hangs their boots a few years after they’ve made their bones. The average band bio talks about line-up changes and sonic evolution. Lest we forget, Bhayanak Maut is not average.

Unremitting. Fast. Brutal. Three words that pretty much sum up Bhayanak Maut. The lovers of the band swear by them with rabid zeal. Every broken barricade, every case of whiplash reflects what Bhayanak Maut brings. And what Bhayanak Maut reflects is the kind of stuff folklore is made up of.

More than anything, Bhayanak Maut thrives on playing live. Their epic stage act is already the stuff of legends. And the fun bit is that they take it a notch higher every time they get on stage. While the audience stays on their toes, witnessing a new Bhayanak Maut at every show. With 2 albums and 2 EP’s under their belt the Bhayanak Maut evolution looks like it’ll never stop and hopefully, it won’t, for they’re India’s hope amongst a couple of other bands in the international scene.

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