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Genre: Horror Metal
City: Mumbai
Number of People Travelling: 7 People
Performance Time : 45 Minutes

Albatross is a band which combines bone chilling stories with bone crushing metal. The band started out as the solo project of bassist Riju Dasgupta(Workshop, Old Monks), who wanted to marry his love of literature with his other love- metal. Later on, a lineup of like-minded musicians was standardized and hence Albatross was born. The band released the critically acclaimed ‘Dinner is You’, a concept EP about cannibalism and the Kuru disease, which was mastered by Grammy nominated Swedish producer Andy LaRocque from King Diamond, in September 2010. The band supported Dubai Nervecell on a 2 city India tour soon after. The current Albatross lineup has already started work on their next album, which promises to bring a new dose of fear into your lives. So be scared…be very scared. We could be in your closets as we speak…with a knife…dripping blood.

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