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Acrid Semblance

Genre: Melodic Death/Power Metal
City: New Delhi
Number of People Travelling: 8 People
Performance Time : 45-60 Minutes

Formed in the year 2002 by Anubhav and Kshitish and later joined by Vikas, Cj and Ashim, the band is hailed as the pioneer melodic death metal act in India. In a scene predominated by cover ridden acts, the band burst onto the scene with original material demonstrating virtuoso like skills and yet stayed rooted in the classic bang your head metal.

The well received demo Soul Corrosion paved the way for band going on a two city tour in 2003 which was not a widespread thing to do for brand new bands back then. Following it up with the widely anticipated and eventually thoroughly appreciated by critics and fans alike, the debut full length ‘From the oblivion’ cemented the position of the band as a premier melodic act from the country. The band played along side progressive metal giants Dream Theater’s founder and bassist John Myung at the Great Indian Rock 2005. The band also went ahead and played along guitarist extraordinaire Mattias Eklund’s freaky metal band Freak Kitchen in 2006.

In 2008, the Mindgames EP made way for even larger fan bases with the song clocking over 20,000 plays in the first few months on the guitar hero like game portal ‘Jamlegend’. Recently the band co-headlined IIT Roorkee’s annual rock extravaganza Wargasm with Norwegian progressive/mathcore band Benea Reach. The band is currently working on putting finishing touches to the widely anticipated follow up to “From the oblivion” titled “Land of cowards.”

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